VG-99: V-Guitar System


A Milestone in Guitar Modeling and Performance Technology

In the history of guitar modeling, no manufacturer has devoted more time, resources and passion into this market segment than Roland — from the world’s first guitar modeling processor, the legendary VG-8, to its popular V-Guitar predecessors. Today, Roland proudly announces another milestone in guitar modeling and performance technology: the VG-99. With three powerful new processors at its core, plus expressive performance controls such as Ribbon Controller and D BEAM, this remarkable instrument raises the bar in guitar modeling and performance technology.

  • Dual modeling engines allow guitar and amp models to be dynamically switched, layered and combined
  • New COSM® electric, acoustic and even bass guitar models, and new synth waves such as the famous GR-300
  • Guitar to MIDI converter for direct connection to keyboards, sound modules, soft synths, computers, and other MIDI-compatible devices
  • Supports USB audio and MIDI for easy digital recording and sequencing
  • Dual GT-Pro-class effects processor enables unequalled flexible tone creation
  • Advanced performance controls, including D BEAM, V-LINK and Ribbon Controller take guitar performance to a whole new level
  • Simple and intuitive knob-based interface and new design support live performance
  • Graphical Editor software included to support sophisticated sound making
  • Versatile I/O, including USB, S/PDIF and XLR provide pro connections for virtually every type of music production and performance on stage to professional studio recording

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A Milestone in Guitar Modeling and Performance Technology

Multi Modeling
The VG-99 contains an incredible range of COSM-modeled guitars and amplifiers including new electric, acoustic and bass guitar models, a new GR-300 synth wave and much more. It even models two signal paths at once. Complete dual processing of guitar modeling on the VG-99 allows you to play two different guitar sounds simultaneously. For example, one virtual guitar could be a Telecaster® in a vintage Tweed amp with full effects and the other a nylon-string guitar with just a hint of reverb.

Dynamic Control
Both modeled guitar and amp paths can be active at the same time, or they can be dynamically switched or blended. You can control the switching behavior between virtual guitars and/or amps by foot controllers, buttons/knobs on the unit, or according to your picking dynamics. Imagine playing softly for an acoustic-guitar sound, then transitioning to a full metal blast simply by picking more aggressively. Furthermore, each modeled guitar can be separately assigned to individual guitar strings. For example, you could have a 12-string guitar on 1st to 4th string and Synth-bass for 5th and 6th.

Alternate Tunings
The VG-99 can produce custom tunings — anything the player desires on any virtual guitar. A virtual Les Paul®, for example, could be tuned down four or five steps for a heavy sound, while a nylon string could be tuned as a 12-string, and also tuned down four or five steps at the same time. Open and drop tunings are also supported as well as user-defined custom tunings and can be applied to any COSM® guitar, so the player can switch instantly between tuning setups without physically switching guitars or having to manually retune.

Guitar Performance in Higher Dimension
With its new performance-based design, the VG-99 can be placed within a player’s easy reach on stage by using an optional PDS-10 stand. This new style setup allows various new performance possibilities such as D BEAM, Ribbon Controller and more. In combination with the versatile new foot controller FC-300, the VG-99 takes your guitar performance on stage to a whole new dimension.

Most Wanted
You asked for it, now Roland delivers the most-requested new features in the VG-99, including an onboard guitar-to-MIDI converter for direct connection to keyboards, sound modules, soft synths, etc. Audio output via USB or S/PDIF digital out, and optional RAD-99 rack mount adaptor further enhance your music production environment. Built-in stereo XLR and 1/4" outputs are ideal for live stage performances and touring. The striking new on-screen editor makes programming the VG-99 super easy and fun.


A Milestone in Guitar Modeling and Performance Technology

Audio processing
AD Conversion
24 bits + AF method
DA Conversion
24 bits
Sampling Frequency
44.1 kHz
Program Memories
400: 200 (User) + 200 (Preset)
Nominal Input Level
Input Impedance
Nominal Output Level
MAIN OUT: -10 dBuSUB OUT (XLR): +4 dBuGUITAR OUT: -10 dBu
Output Impedance
MAIN OUT: 1 k ohmSUB OUT (XLR): 600 ohms
Dynamic Range
100 dB or greater (IHF-A)
Digital Output
Coaxial type (conforms to IEC60958)
Top Panel
OUTPUT LEVEL knob, Function knobs (F1--F6), BALANCE knob, PATCH LEVEL knob, V-LINK button, DIRECT PATCH buttons (1--5), CONTROL buttons (1, 2), COSM GUITAR MODELING TYPE buttons (A, B), COSM GUITAR ALTERNATE TUNING button, POLY FX A/B buttons (A, B), FX buttons (A, B), COSM AMP buttons (A, B), MIXER buttons (A, B), DELAY/REVERB button, DYNAMIC button, CHAIN button, CONTROL ASSIGN button, NAME/KEY/BPM button, Function buttons (F1--F6), EXIT button, WRITE button, PAGE buttons x 2 (Left, Right), GUITAR TO MIDI button, SYSTEM button, GLOBAL button, TUNER button, CATEGORY button, PATCH/VALUE dial, Power switch
D Beam Controller
PITCH button, FILTER button, ASSIGNABLE button
PITCH button, FILTER button, ASSIGNABLE button
240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (backlit LCD)
Top Panel
GK IN connector
Rear Panel
GUITAR INPUT jack, GUITAR OUTPUT jack, SUB OUT jacks (XLR)(L, R)MAIN OUT jacks x 2 (L/MONO, R)PHONES jack, DIGITAL OUT jack, EXP PEDAL jack, CTL 3,4 jack, USB connector, RRC2 connector, MIDI connectors x 2 (IN, OUT), DC IN jack, Ground Lift switch (SUB OUT)
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (PSB-1U)
Current Draw
1.3 A
Owner's Manual, GK cable (3 m), USB cable, RRC2 cable, VG-99 Software CD-ROM, AC adaptor (PSB-1U), Roland Service (information sheet)
Divided Pickup: GK-3, MIDI Foot Controller: FC-300, Footswitch: BOSS FS-5U/6, Expression Pedal: EV-5, BOSS FV-500L/500H, GK Cable: GKC-10/5/3, Unit Selector: US-20, GK Parallel Box: GKP-4, Rack Mount Adaptor: RAD-99, Pad Stand: PDS-10, Footswitch Cable: PCS-31
Size and Weight ( Dimensions )
384 mm
15-1/8 inches
218 mm
8-5/8 inches
94 mm
3-11/16 inches
2.1 kg
4 lbs. 11 oz.
* EIA-5U rack mount type: optional rack mount adaptor RAD-99
* 0 dBu = 0.775 V rms
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



Carrying Bag

Padded gig bag for the VG-99 and VB-99.

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Rack Mount Adapter

Rack mount adapter for the VG-99 V-Guitar™ system.

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MIDI Foot Controller

A new standard of power, versatility and innovation for MIDI foot control including bi-directional MIDI data flow to VG-99, patch memory recall, twin expression and control pedals and more.

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Divided Pickup

Attach the GK-3 Divided Pickup to any steel-stringed electric guitar and expand your sonic palette.

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GK Parallel Box

Allows guitarists to use multiple GK devices simultaneously.

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Downloads & Updates

Downloads & Updates

Compressed ZIP file Paul Hanson’s Classic Rock Patches for the VG-99
Hi, I’m Paul Hanson, a Roland and BOSS specialist, and these are some of my custom patches for the VG-99. They emulate the classic guitar tones from a number of famous songs, and I use them when I demonstrate some of the great sounds that you can get out of the V-Guitar™ System.
Compressed ZIP file VG-99 System Update Version 1.04

This is the latest operating system for the VG-99. WARNING: Be sure to refer to the README document as this download contains two separate updates depending on the current operating system being used. A version check will be necessary to distinguish which update should be used.

Compressed ZIP file VG-99 USB Driver Version 1.00 (MAC)
This is the latest driver for connecting the Roland VG-99 to a Macintosh computer running OS X (including 10.5 "Leopard").
Compressed ZIP file VG-99 USB Driver Windows (PC)
This is the latest driver for connecting the Roland VG-99 to Microsoft(R) Windows Vista and XP.
.dmg file VG-99 Editor/Librarian Version 1.01 (MAC)
This installer includes two programs:
VG-99 Editor - a program for editing the parameters for the VG-99 on your computer, and VG-99 Librarian - a program for patch management for the VG-99 on your computer.
Compressed ZIP file VG-99 Editor/Librarian Version 1.01 (PC)
This is the latest version of the VG-99 Editor and Librarian program for PCs running Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Support Documents available for this product are listed below. In addition, we have a library of Support Documents that you can download and reference.

Support Documents

PDF file VG-99 Q&A (PDF)
A collection of popular articles from the VG-99 knowledge base.
PDF file VG-99 Turbostart (PDF)
PDF file VG-99 Workshop 01: Introduction to the VG-99
The VG-99 is hands-down the most powerful guitar processor ever made, capable of transforming your instrument with sounds both familiar and unreal. This booklet introduces you to the VG-99’s creative possibilities and discusses some of the technologies that are part of it.
PDF file VG-99 Workshop 02: Pickup Settings
This booklet gives you the lowdown on using a divided pickup with the VG-99, including the Roland GK-3 and third-party piezo-type systems. Using your guitar’s normal pickups is covered as well.
PDF file VG-99 Workshop 03: On-the-Gig Sound Settings
The VG-99 makes it easy to tweak its overall sound for different performing environments without changing the sounds stored in the individual patches. This booklet shows you how.
PDF file VG-99 Workshop 04: Using the Built-in Tuner
When working with the VG-99, you’ll find the built-in chromatic tuner to be one of its most often-used features. This booklet discusses how to use the tuner and control it with external switches.
PDF file VG-99 Workshop 05: Working with Patches
A VG-99 patch stores all the parameter settings that make up a particular sound. In this booklet, we show you how to select, save, and manage your patches in the VG-99.
PDF file VG-99 Manual (PDF)
PDF file VG-99 Brochure (PDF)