BOSS Consumer Guarantee and Manufacturer's Warranty

Consumer Guarantee and Manufacturer's Warranty

Any brand new Roland and Boss product purchased from an Authorised Australian distributor before 1st January 2011 is covered by statutory implied conditions and warranties under the Trade Practices Act 1974.

Roland/Boss Warranties were based on specific terms of protection (eg 12 Months) and had terms and conditions of usage attached. You can see the full documentation HERE.

Any Roland/Boss product purchased after 01/01/2011 is covered by the newer Consumer Guarantee, which offers you MORE protection than under the old Express Warranty system.

For example, in the past if your purchase was protected under a 12-month parts and labour warranty and it failed at 13 months, Roland was under limited obligation to make good.

Under the current Consumer Guarantee, in this situation you would be protected against almost any failure that was not as a result of user error or damage to the product.

The spirit of the Consumer Guarantee works on the principle that when you purchase a product you can reasonably expect it to work in the way that was intended or promoted, well beyond a 12-month life. Roland Australia believes that this approach is in your best interests as a consumer.

Read why the consumer laws were changed HERE

Manufacturer's Warranty on Boss Compact Pedals s

Roland offers an additional warranty on Boss Compact Pedals. Please note that this is in addition to the Consumer Guarantee.

Click HERE to read the Five (5) Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Boss Compact Pedals

Consumer Guarantee

All Roland and Boss products sold by RCA or its Authorised dealers are covered by Consumer Guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. These guarantees are as follows:

1. Suppliers and manufacturers guarantee that goods are of acceptable quality when sold to a consumer
2. A supplier guarantees that goods will be reasonably fit for any purpose the consumer or supplier specified
3. Suppliers and manufacturers guarantee that their description of goods (for example, in a catalogue or television commercial) is accurate
4. A supplier guarantees that goods will match any sample or demonstration model and any description provided
5. Suppliers and manufacturers guarantee that the goods will satisfy any extra promises made about them (express warranties)
6. A supplier guarantees they have the right to sell the goods (clear title), unless they alerted the consumer before the sale that they had ‘limited title
7. A supplier guarantees that no one will try to repossess or take back goods, or prevent the consumer using the goods, except in certain circumstances
8. A supplier guarantees that goods are free of any hidden securities or charges and will remain so, except in certain circumstances
9. Manufacturers or importers guarantee they will take reasonable steps to provide spare parts and repair facilities for a reasonable time after purchase

Roland goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Making a Claim

Any claim made under this consumer guarantee must be made by contacting us, either by email to, fax to 02 9981 1875 or post to Roland Corporation Australia Pty Ltd ACN 001 359 002 at 38 Campbell Ave, Dee Why NSW 2099, within the applicable consumer guarantee period from the date of purchase from one of our authorised dealers, and providing us with details of the alleged defect and evidence of purchase from one of our authorised dealers. We will provide you with details of the nearest Roland/Boss authorised service agent.

When making a claim under this consumer guarantee you are required (at your expense) to return the Goods to that Roland authorised service agent and to collect it. When the Goods are delivered to that Roland authorised service agent you are required to provide us with proof of purchase which details the purchase date, Goods serial number and the identity of the authorised dealer. Upon delivery to the Roland authorised service agent, we will organise for the Goods to be assessed to determine (at our discretion) if the alleged defect is covered by this consumer guarantee. The Roland authorised service agent will advise you by telephone, email or in writing whether the alleged defect is covered by this consumer guarantee. Any and all defects covered by this consumer guarantee will be scheduled for repair or replacement (at our option) and undertaken within a reasonable period of time, depending upon the availability of replacement parts, components and appropriate persons to undertake the work.

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Full details of your consumer rights may be found at

Australian Consumer Law has issued a booklet called ‘Consumer Guarantees – A guide for businesses and legal practitioners’ and you can download it HERE

If you have any questions in relation to this consumer guarantee, please contact Roland and BOSS Warranty Officer on (02) 9982 8266 or via email on