WAZA Speaker


WAZA Speaker

Legendary Tone, Big Power Handling

Originally developed for the flagship Waza Amp Head, the 12-inch Waza guitar speaker fully captures the authentic tone of the legendary 25-watt British stack speaker, but with the big advantage of 100-watt power capacity. First included in the Waza Amp Cabinet 212 and Katana-Artist amplifier, this acclaimed speaker is now available separately,* allowing players to bring the ultimate rock sound to nearly any combo amp or standalone cab that supports 12-inch drivers.

*Available in selected regions only.

A Classic Voice, Improved with Massive Power Handling

The ‘60s-era 25-watt British stack speaker is the touchstone rock guitar speaker, and its resonant midrange voice is a vital element of the celebrated “brown sound” heard on countless classic recordings. It has a uniquely wide dynamic range for a guitar speaker, and maintains this expressive response at high volumes without sounding spiky or harsh. And with its rich harmonic overtones, it perfectly complements any overdriven guitar sound. The Waza speaker embodies the full mojo of this legendary speaker while boosting the power capacity to 100 watts, offering greater versatility for today’s players.

Born of Waza Craftsmanship

Inspired by the original British 100-watt stack amplifier, BOSS created the flagship Waza Amp Head in pursuit of the ideal rock sound. The companion Waza speaker was developed with the same dedicated spirit, drawing inspiration from the 25-watt stack speaker’s respected musical voice. Through detailed analysis of original speakers and careful selection of the magnet, cone material, and other construction elements, we realized our goal to bring classic sound and modern power handling together in an all-new design. Now, we’re pleased to make the Waza speaker available as a drop-in replacement for nearly any cab or combo fitted for 12-inch drivers.



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