KATANA SERIES - Factory reset instruction to fix the delay effect problem

In case the delay effect on the Katana amplifier series does not work correctly, factory reset is required to fix the problem as instructed below. (for KTN-50, KTN-100, KTN-100/212, KTN-HEAD)

* All currently stored settings will be overwritten with the factory default settings.

Factory reset procedure
  1. Set the POWER CONTROL knob to STANDBY.
  2. Press & hold the PANEL button and turn the power on.
    The BOOSTER/MOD, DELAY/FX, and REVERB indicators start to blink while the factory reset is being processed.
  3. Release your finger.
    It takes approximately 20 seconds to complete the factory reset.
    When the PANEL indicator flashes, the procedure has been successfully completed.
  4. Turn the power off.