WAZA CRAFT Special Edition

Discover all the WAZA Craft Pedals

  • TU-3W Chromatic Tuner

    The Leading Stompbox Tuner, Refined with
    Waza Expertise

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  • CE-2W Chorus

    The World’s First Chorus Sounds,
    Reborn with Waza Craft

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  • BD-2W Blues Driver

    Responsiveness Outshined with
    a Modernized Vintage Vibe

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  • VB-2W Vibrato

    True Vibrato Expression, Reborn with
    Waza Innovation

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  • DM-2W Delay

    Now, the Legendary Analog Delay Is Back
    with a Modern Edge

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  • SD-1W Super Over Drive

    The Sweet Overdrive Tone Has
    a Prime Redesign

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BOSS Guitar Amplifier


A Defining Achievement in High-gain Rock Tone