Paul Hanson’s GT-10 Patches

Add Some Juice To Your GT-10

Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson

Add some juice to your GT-10 with some hot custom patches from Paul Hanson, BOSS specialist and author of the best-selling instructional book Shred Guitar (published by Alfred). Included in Paul’s 20-patch download are emulations of the tones made famous by some legendary guitarists, along with sounds that utilize the GT-10’s most unique effects and stereo capabilities. In addition, all the patches incorporate the GT’s CTL 1 and CTL 2 pedals to extend your tonal options.

Best of all, Paul’s patches are free — get ‘em here!

GT-10: Guitar Effects Processor

The GT-10 is BOSS’ most powerful multi-effects processor to date, with dual COSM amps and a history of amazing BOSS effects under one hood. To learn more about this powerhouse tone machine, click here.