Consumer Warning

Certain merchants who have businesses outside the US are using their Websites to solicit sales of Roland instruments to customers in the US. Customers who are considering the purchase of a Roland instrument from a company outside of the US should be aware of the following:

Potential Safety and Fire Hazards

Roland instruments that are not manufactured for sales and use in the US may have different electrical specifications and may require modification to operate using US electrical current. The unauthorized modification of these instruments may constitute a safety hazard. In particular, the unauthorized modification of power supplies to conform to U.S. Electrical Specifications may constitute a fire hazard. Moreover, the unauthorized modification of electrical wiring may void your homeowners fire insurance policy.

Non Safety Certification

All Roland instruments manufactured for use and sale in the US have been tested and approved to comply with consumer safety standards established by various product safety organizations. Non-US Roland instruments may not have this important safety certification.

Disputes Regarding Service, Warranty, Parts, and Returns

These instruments may not be covered by any Roland US warranties. Also, Roland US Authorized Service Centers may not perform modifications necessary for these units to operate in the US and may not stock parts required to service them. Roland Corporation U.S. will therefore be unable to resolve disputes regarding service or warranty issues of products purchased from foreign merchants. You will have to contact the foreign merchant directly for sales, service, and warranty issues. In particular, Roland Corporation U.S. will not be responsible for product or equipment returns. You will have to contact the foreign merchant directly to make such arrangements.

Disputes Regarding Non-Delivery and/or Improper Operation

Any disputes arising from the non-delivery and/or improper operation of these instruments must be settled with the foreign merchant from whom the product was purchased. Roland cannot offer any assistance in negotiating any claims arising from these purchases.

Federal and State Statutes

The unauthorized importation of Roland product may implicate various Federal and State Statutes, including Federal Customs Laws and State Consumer Protection Statutes. Roland products that are manufactured for sale and use in the US provide our US customers with musical instruments that are of the highest quality, that meet and exceed rigorous product safety tests, and that are guaranteed by warranty to perform as indicated. Roland US Authorized Dealers are carefully selected for their commitment to superior customer service, before and after the sale. Therefore Roland Corporation strongly recommends that customers purchase Roland instruments from local Authorized Roland Dealers.