Support FAQ

Q. How can I get an owner’s manual for my Roland or BOSS product?
A. Roland/BOSS product manuals can be downloaded as PDF files free of charge from our Owner’s Manuals section. For older products, please visit the Manual Archive. Printed hard copies of our manuals are not available at this time.
Q. What is the “Knowledge Base” and how can it help me?
A. The Knowledge Base contains answers to specific questions about our products. Each Knowledge Base entry has been created from questions asked by users just like you, and answered by our Product Support team. Most contain a brief subject paragraph followed by detailed, easy-to-follow, numbered steps. There are thousands of them available.
Q. Can I order parts from Roland directly?
A. Some external replacement parts and accessories are available on the Roland Online Store. If you don’t see the part you need on the site, Roland has a huge inventory of parts that can be ordered directly by submitting a parts order request, or calling our Parts and Service department at 323-890-3771, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm Pacific Time. Please note, parts requiring internal access to the product are not available to consumers and must be installed by an authorized service center.
Q. I don’t live in the United States. How can I get help or support with my Roland/BOSS product?
A. Roland Corporation U.S. is dedicated to providing the best service for our customers in the United States. If you’re a Roland customer living outside of the U.S., there is a large network of international websites to help you find support in your country or region.
Q. How and where can I get my product serviced?
A. If you need to have your Roland/BOSS product serviced, you have several options. Please visit the Service & Repair tab for details.
Q. How do I find my serial number?
A. Most Roland/BOSS serial numbers have a 7-digit designation containing 1–2 letters and 5–6 numbers. For more details and images, check out this Knowledge Base article.
Q. What is the warranty for Roland/BOSS products?
A. Warranty details can be found in the Consumer Limited Warranty section.
Q. What are Roland’s service rates?
A. Our shop rate for Roland and BOSS products—other than Compact and Twin pedals—is $80.00 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. For BOSS Compact and Twin pedals, our shop rate is $40.00 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Please note that a $25.00 bench fee plus return freight costs will be assessed if you do not proceed with the repair, or if a unit is received and no problem is found by our technicians. Please visit the Service & Repair tab for additional service-related details.
Q. If I purchased my Roland/BOSS product used, is the warranty still valid?
A. Warranties for Roland/BOSS products are not transferable. Please refer to the Consumer Limited Warranty section for more details.
Q. Can Roland/BOSS help me repair my product myself?
A. If your Roland product needs service, we suggest you contact the nearest authorized Roland service center. Roland does not offer service or repair assistance or provide service manuals (schematics) at this time. Please note: choosing to repair or modify your product at any time during your warranty period voids the warranty.
Q. How can I check the status of my service RA?
A. You can use the Repair Status form.
Q. How can I check the status of my order?
A. You can use the Order Status form.