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BOSS’s BR-1600CD 16-track recorder, the most popular and full-featured portable 16-track on the market, expands with a Version 2 upgrade. Already powerful with its eight XLR inputs for simultaneous recording, pro-grade effects, and backing tracks, the BR-1600CD with Version 2 upgrade (free for all previous BR-1600 units) improves and adds to the existing effects, including COSM bass amp models from the GT-6B, enhanced vocal tools, MIDI sync capability, and more. Also new to Version 2 — the BR-1600CD can read BR-1200CD/1180CD song data, no conversion process necessary.

*V-LINK requires Edirol DV7-PR with software version 1.50 or higher.

New Bass Effects

Two types of bass-amp models were provided in the original BR-1600CD. Now, in Version 2, six COSM models have been added, bringing the total to eight. Also new to Version 2 are COSM-powered overdrive/distortion effects derived from the GT-6B, plus 2x2 Chorus, Humanizer, Vibrato, Slow Gear, and Ring Modulator effects. In Version 2, the order/routing of FX blocks can be freely modified.

Enhanced Vocal Tool Box

Fix pitch, add harmony tracks—these essential tools have been part of the BR-1600CD’s feature set since its release. With Version 2, the Vocal Tool Box gets even better with enhanced realtime vocal-pitch correction that allows you to designate specific editing regions (by contrast, Version 1’s pitch correction was a real time process in units of semitones). The Harmony Sequence feature has been improved as well, allowing you to have more control over the editing parameters.


New to the BR-1600CD is its ability to synchronize playback or recording with another BR-1600CD, recorder, or MIDI sequencer via incoming MIDI Time Code (MTC). If you have a friend who owns a BR-1600CD, for example, the two units can be combined to create a 32-track recording studio with 16 simultaneous input channels!

Track: 16
V-Track: 256 (16 V-Tracks per each Track)
* Up to 8 tracks can be recorded simultaneously, and up to 16 tracks can be played back simultaneously.
Maximum Useful Capacity / Recording Time
Internal Hard Disk: 40 G bytes / Recording Time; 120 hours (conversion in one track)
* The recording times shown above are approximate. Times may vary depending on the number of songs and size of imported loop phrase that were created.
* The recording time s shown are the total for all tracks used. Therefore, if each of the sixteen tracks contain an equal amount of data, the length of the resulting song will be approximately 1/16 of the time shown.
Signal Processing
AD Conversion:24 bit, AF Method (Guitar/Bass), 24 bit, â–³Σ Modulation (VOCAL, MULTI-TRACK, STEREO TRACKS)
DA Conversion: 24 bit, â–³Σ Modulation
Internal Processing: 24 bit (digital mixer section)
Recording Data:16 bit linear
Sample Rate
44.1 kHz
Frequency Response
20 Hz to 20 kHz (+1/-3 dB)
Total Distortion
0.02 % or less (INPUT SENS: CENTER, 1 kHz at nominal output level)
Nominal Input Level (Variable)
GUITAR/BASS jack: -10 dBu
MIC 1-8 jacks (XLR): -40 dBu
INPUT 1-8 jacks: -10 dBu
Input Impedance
GUITAR/BASS jack: 1 M ohms
MIC 1-8 jacks (XLR): 12.5 k ohms (HOT-COLD), 6.5 k ohms (HOT-GND, COLD-GND)
INPUT 1-8 jacks: 22 k ohms
Nominal Output Level
LINE OUT jack:-10 dBu
Output Impedance
LINE OUT jack: 2 k ohms
PHONES 1, 2 jack: 100 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance
LINE OUT jack: 20 k ohms or greater
PHONES 1, 2 jack: 8 to 50 ohms
Residual Noise Level
LINE OUT jack: -90 dBu or less (INPUT SELECT: GUITAR/BASS, input terminated with 1 k ohms, INPUT SENS: CENTER, IHF-A, typ.)
DIGITAL IN: S/PDIF 16-24 bit (coaxial type)
DIGITAL OUT: S/PDIF 16-24 bit (coaxial type)
USB connecter (B type)
130 x 36 mm (Backlit LCD)
MIDI IN connector
MIDI OUT connector
USB connector
DIGITAL IN connector (coaxial type)
DIGITAL OUT connector (coaxial type)
FOOT SW jack (1/4 inch phone type)
EXP PEDAL jack (Stereo 1/4” phone type)
LINE OUT jacks (RCA Phono type)
INPUT 1-8 jacks (unbalanced, 1/4” phone type)
MIC 1-8 jacks(XLR balanced)
PHONES 1 jack (Stereo 1/4” phone type)
PHONES 2 jack (Stereo 1/4” phone type)
GUITAR/BASS jack (1/4” phone type)
Power Supply
DC 12 V; AC Adaptor (Roland PSB-7U)
Power Consumption
3 A
AC Adaptor: PSB-7U
Owner's Manual
Effect Patch List
Size and Weight ( excl. AC Adaptor )
494 mm
19-1/2 inches
339 mm
13-3/8 inches
99 mm
3-15/16 inches
4.9 kg
10 lbs. 13 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Updates & Drivers

  • BR-1600CD System Update Version 2.20 (PC/MAC - CD)

    This file is for update via CD-R. With Version 2 update, the BR-1600CD will have GT-6B equivalent COSM Bass Amp, enhanced Vocal Tool Box, MIDI Slave capability, and more.

    NOTE:The BR update file that you download and save to your computer from the link above is a compressed zip file.
    The update files that are compressed into the zip file that you download will need to be extracted before you can burn them to a CD.


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