Dr. Rhythm


The DR-670 Dr. Rhythm stands as one of the most feature-packed and affordable drum machines in BOSS history. This compact rhythm-creation tool offers all the acclaimed sounds from BOSS’ flagship DR-770 model, while adding velocity-sensitive pads, footswitch control and much more.

Head-Turning Drum and Percussion Sounds

The DR-670’s robust sound engine easy outperforms any drum machine in its class. Derived from the flagship DR-770 model, this sound source offers a total of 255 no-compromise drum and percussion waveforms grouped into 64 Preset and 64 User kits. When combined with its velocity-sensitive pads, the DR-670’s sound engine gives you the perfect rhythm palette for programming rock, pop, funk, jazz, fusion, Latin grooves and more.

And Bass Lines Too!

Beyond its killer drum and percussion sounds, the DR-670 also features a new Bass part for programming bass lines using 16 distinct sounds including Finger Bass, Slap Bass, Acoustic Bass, Pick Bass and more. This Bass part lets you go even further in defining your groves. And programming bass tracks is ultra-intuitive, thanks to the DR-670’s bass pads being organized like bass guitar frets.

Built for Easy Operation

Thanks to the DR-670’s unique Direct Pattern Play function, any of its 200 Preset or User patterns can be instantly selected using the 16 drum pads. Or, Preset and User patterns can be easily chained together to create up to 100 Songs. When programming, helpful features like the aforementioned velocity sensitivity and Roll and Flam buttons make your patterns as expressive as possible. Quite simply, this is one of the easiest and best-sounding drum machines around.

Great for Live Performance

With optional footswitch control over start/stop and fills, the DR-670 is hard to beat as an affordable and programmable accompaniment tool. In fact, this compact drum machine is small enough to be taken just about anywhere and can even run on battery power. Connections include 1/4-inch stereo outputs, a stereo Headphone output (stereo mini-jack type), Pedal Switch input, plus MIDI In and Out jacks.

Maximum Polyphony
20 voices
* Depending on the instruments and drum kits used, maximum polyphony may be lower.
Drum: 256
Bass: 16
Rhythm Patterns
User Patterns: 200
Preset Patterns: 200
Songs: 100
Song Length: Maximum 250 patterns for a song
Total Patterns for all songs: approx. 3,000
Maximum Note Storage
approx. 8,000 notes
Per quater note: 96
Quater note: 20-260 bpm
Recording Method
Realtime / Step
Output Jacks L(MONO)/R
Headphones Jack (stereo miniature phone type)
Foot Switch Jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
MIDI Connectors IN/OUT
AC Adaptor Jack (DC 9 V)
Power Supply
DC 9V: Dry Battery x 6, AC Adaptor (PSA series)
Power Consumption
200 mA or less
Alkaline Dry Battery (LR6 (AA) type) x 6
AC Adaptor: PSA series
Foot Switch: FS-5U
Foot Switch cable: PCS-31 (Roland)
(1/4 inches Phone Plug (stereo) - 1/4 inches Phone Plug (mono) x 2)
Size and Weight
213 mm
8-7/16 inches
169 mm
6-11/16 inches
53 mm
2-1/8 inches
750 g
1 lbs. 11 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


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