Dr. Rhythm


The DR-770 Dr. Rhythm is BOSS’ most advanced compact rhythm machine ever, offering a powerful sound engine and hundreds of patterns. This translates into the highest quality drum and percussion sounds and patterns of any compact rhythm machine on the market.

High-Quality Sounds

The DR-770 Dr. Rhythm is one of the most flexible and powerful compact drum machines to hit the market in years, ready to meet or exceed the demands of guitarists, songwriters and home recordists in every way. This flagship rhythm machine features a whopping 4MB of ROM memory—twice as much as the previous DR-660 model and four times as much as other compact drum machines on the market today. The enhanced memory translates into a wealth of truly professional-quality drum and percussion sounds—255, to be exact. This sound set includes 52 different kick drums, 67 different snare and cross-stick sounds, 32 different toms, 19 different hi-hats, 17 cymbals, 32 percussion instruments, 32 electronic percussion sounds, a variety of sound effects and four bass guitar sounds. These sounds are logically grouped into 64 Preset and 64 User drum kits, so there's sure to be a set that's just right for any type of groove.

Fresh New Patterns

For those who're looking for a quick way to get started, or just a cool rhythm to jam along with, the DR-770 offers 400 Preset patterns ranging from Rock and Pop to Fusion, Jazz, Latin, Dance, World and standard rhythms. These patterns are completely new, assuring a fresh, up-to-date sound that will bring new life to rhythm tracks on demos. And these patterns can be dissected and saved into User pattern locations for later access.

Massive Memory

No one wants to run out of memory in the middle of some rhythmic inspiration. That's why the DR-770 offers a whopping 400 User pattern locations and the ability to create and save up to 64 different drum kits. In all, the DR-770 can store up to 100 different songs, and there can be up to 250 steps per song. Total pattern storage is a staggering 10,000, compared to just 900 patterns in the previous model. So now users are finally free to program their rock operas without worrying about memory capacity.

Express Yourself

The days of dull-sounding compact drum machines are long since past, and the DR-770 has perhaps put the final nail in their coffin. Achieving that once-elusive "human" feel and interesting sound variation is now easy thanks to the DR-770's 127-stage velocity sensitive drum pads, built-in effects, and a new Flam/Roll button. The 127 stages of velocity sensitivity ensure that each drum hit gives off a subtle difference in volume and attack—just like a real drummer. Useful onboard effects include reverb/delay, flange and high and low EQ. And the Flam/Roll button lets users program live drumming nuances with ease, creating better-sounding tracks.
The DR-770 also features a brand new function called "Ambience" control, which offers 16 choices for overall drum sound, including settings like "Room" and "Lo-Fi." These settings can be made globally on a pattern after it is programmed, instantly adjusting reverb, flange and EQ settings to give the overall drum sound a radically different quality.

Easy Operation

Long the hallmark of BOSS DR-Series rhythm machines, ease-of-use on the DR-770 is almost a given. But this new rhythm machine has got some features aimed at making things even easier, including a Direct Pattern Play function which lets users assign entire patterns to a single pad for instant triggering, a Quick Search function that groups patterns together by musical genre (no more scrolling through Samba to get to Hard Rock!), and a new Assignable Pedal switch. The assignable pedal function is particularly useful in that it allows DR-770 users to start and stop patterns, trigger fill-in's, and even trigger bass drum sounds when using two footswitches and a 1/4-inch "Y" cable.

Maximum Polyphony
14 voices
Rhythm Patterns
User Patterns: 400
Preset Patterns: 400
Songs: 100
Song Length: Maximum 250 parts for a song
Total Parts for songs: 10,000
Per quater note: 96
Quater note: 20 to 260
Data Input Method
Realtime / Step
Maximum Note Storage
approx. 11,200 notes
Output Jacks (L, R(Mono))
Individual Output Jack
Headphone Jack (stereo miniature phone type)
Pedal Switch Jack
MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT)
AC Adaptor Jack (AC 14 V)
Power Supply
AC Adaptor (BOSS BRC series)
Current Draw
700 mA
AC Adaptor (BOSS BRC series)
Foot Switch: FS-5U
Pedal Switch: DP-2
Foot Switch Cable: PCS-31
Size and Weight
215 mm
8-1/2 inches
165 mm
6-1/2 inches
59 mm
2-3/8 inches
715 g
1 lbs. 10 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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